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Conditions for the VIII International Fast Painting Competition of Castellar

1.- Artists of any nationality are welcome to participate.

2.- Style and technique are free and the subject must be Castellar, its countryside, monuments, streets, people…

3.- Registrations can be made:

4.- This competition will be held on the second Saturday of May, 13 May 2006, weather permitting.

5.- Each participant must provide all necessary material for his piece, including an easel on which the piece will be displayed in a pre-designated areas without any type of frame or glass.

6.- The support must be rigid with a smooth white surface without any type of frame or glass. It must be taken to the City Hall to be stamped on the day of the competition from 9 to 11 am. Only one support is allowed per participant.

7.- At 4 pm. the competition will officially end and the participants must take their finished piece, unsigned, to the main square. There it will be mounted on its easel for display in a pre-designated area until 8 pm., at which time the jury will announce its decision. At this moment the prizes will be awarded and the winners will sign their pieces in front of the public.

8.- The jury is composed of people related to the world of art and their decision will be final. The mayor of Castellar will act as the president of the jury.

9.- The pieces which receive a cash prize become the property of the sponsor who gives that award, with the rights to reproduction.

10.- The organization is not responsible for the losses or damages that the pieces could suffer.

11.- The participation in this competition implies the complete agreement of this conditions.


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